Monday, July 11, 2011

Something Blogged.

It is SO nice to be back on Blogger.  For those of you who were following me on my Determined Dancer blog, Welcome Back!!  I missed blogging so much.  I can finally say that I am in such a great place to blog again and actually stay faithful to my blog.  

Quick Updates for those who are re-following--  

- I have moved!! It's been a year now, and in fact, I will be moving again in 2 weeks, which I'll talk about here as well.  Moving is crazy and stressful and also a wonderful time to start clean slate, brand new.  I'm excited.

- I have put on HALF the weight I lost 3 years ago.  Ugh...  Whatever.  I've come to terms with it and I have made a HUGE change in diet and exercise that just started today.  I am back on Weight Watchers.  I have a real cute wedding gown that I need to fit into.  (And no, I haven't picked one... I'm just guessing it's going to be mad cute)  

- I am getting MARRIED!  This is obvious.  But, I just love saying it.  Getting married to my fiance, Scott, on June 16, 2012.  

This blog was created to talk about all things wedding/weight loss with dance and life in general thrown in of course.  

I'm excited, I hope you are.  Here starts a wonderful journey.


-Karla  =)


  1. Missed you, girl! Glad to see you back! Can't wait to hear all your wedding news! I'm getting married in Sept 2012!! So hearing your tips will be awesome too! =) Welcome back!!! :-)

  2. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You were so completely missed in my blog world!!

    I am excited to watch this crazy awesome on the way to the aisle journey :)

    You're going to kick some ass...I just know it!!