Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Luck be a Lady.

We just found out last night that we are able to move into our new apartment on Saturday July 30th.  That is less than 2 weeks away!  I am so excited, yet it is just starting to hit me how much work we have to do.  It's a lot of work to move!  Luckily, it is just from one side of town to another.  I have to get used to not driving to the old house when I leave to come home from work!  That will be tough!

Last night, Scott and I went to the casino.  Every so often, Scott's grandparents invite us to a Connecticut Sun basketball game (they have season tickets).  They usually ask us to come with them to the night games because they do not drive at night.  It's a fun time.  It's nice to get out of the house for a little while.  Scott and I enjoyed the second half of the game after being stuck in a lot of traffic.  Then, we had appetizers and a milkshake at Johnny Rockets.  Completely off the charts point wise... but I hadn't eaten like that since I re-started WW and I had some activity and weekly indulgence points racked up.  I don't like using them often, so I used most of them last night.

We did not play any slots.  The most I have ever won from a slot machine was $45.  I am not a huge fan of gambling, especially with a machine.  I have always had bad luck with things like that.  It sort of runs in my family!  You are either lucky, or you're not...and... well... I'm not.  Haha..

I feel as though every time I even sit down in front of a slot machine, it's like the machine knows that it's me and immediately stops winning.  I'm sure a lot of people feel that way though.

A wise man once told me though, ... "Without bad luck, there would be no luck at all"

I guess he's right.  I just wish I'd be on the luckier side of luck once in awhile.  That's all.


-Karla =)

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