Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Girl's Got Attitude

When my horoscope says: "Today is the time to embody your ideas and create something that the world can see as an expression of who you are. There's no need to feel any pressure about it, though. This expression could be as complicated as a long written missive of your philosophies, or as simple as a delicious sandwich." ...I know that I must write something good!

For those of you who have followed the blog that I had for 3 years, you know of Mrs. Lathrop- but for those of you new to the site, here is the short & sweet of it.

For 18 years now, I have been a dancer at Lathrop School of Dance in CT.  LSOD (for short) played a major role in my life and still does to this day.  The owner and former Vaudeville dancer, Virginia Lathrop who danced beside Fred Astaire, was like a 3rd grandmother to me.  She was the backbone to the dance company and my inspiration for life.  She had this incredibly contagious love for life, dance, and champagne!!  She taught me a ton of life lessons that I carry within me everyday.  When she passed away in November 2009 at 94 years old, my heart broke and I blogged about her death and how I coped with it.  Now, I blog about the imprint that she made on my heart and the way I try to live life the way she did, with a positive and vibrant attitude and huge love of life.

She once said to me, "Karla, honey, life is all about attitude... if your attitude is golden, your life is golden"

Makes sense.  We've all heard, life is what you make of it.  Simple, but not easy.  It's all about how you deal with the cards that you're dealt.  I like to turn it into a metaphor involving dance.  Life is like this huge stage that you are thrown onto.  You are standing there in front of a million people and you are given certain situations and people wait to watch your next move.  Your next reaction.  Failure.  Success.

Sometimes, for me, when I slip and fall on that very stage, (which I've literally done at dance!) people watch to see if you are able to lift yourself back up, dust yourself off, and move on with the dance like it never happened.  There are people who find this totally humiliating.  

...And then there are people who actually kind of like the journey of picking themselves up off the stage and continuing the dance... regardless of whether or not people are watching.  

And I guess you could say, that's me.  I enjoy the journey, public or private.  I guess I'd like to inspire other people the way that Mrs. Lathrop inspired me.  I want my positive energy and attitude to spread to others.  That's why I started blogging.  That's why I'll continue.

Trust me.  It's hard to admit to having lost 40lbs and gaining almost half of that back over 3 years.  But, I want to involve the blog world on this journey just like I did last time.  I'm still a Dieting/Determined Dancer, but now I have this other thing in my life that is kind of a big deal... my fiance, Scott and the life that I am excited to share with him. 

So, still the same me.  The same smiley me.  Just, a little different.  

* Today was the second day of Weight Watchers.  Things are great!  I work with kids and I am trying to potty train them... and I use M&Ms as a reward if they go potty.  I've been tempted!!  Luckily, I have a strong sense of self control... and the Weight Watchers app on my iPhone that seems to stare at me every time I look at my phone!!  *

Thank you God for giving me self control!!  =)


-Karla  =)


  1. The WW app is amazing isn't it?! I just love it! Glad to hear you're doing well on the plan! And that is a fab photo of the birds smiling! Can't wait to follow your wedding plans!! Have you seen Whitney's blog, Slimming down for the Gown?! She lost over 70lbs for her wedding which was in June - so inspirational. I think the link is www.slimmingdownforthegown.com .

  2. Hi My Little One! Ok, first I LOVE your blog header pic. @nd, your sweet little dance teacher will live on in you and her other students. I love this post. I am very proud of you. Keep dancing! (and blogging so I can see what the heck is going on with you)