Sunday, February 5, 2012


I wish my scale new how to round up that decimal.  2.8 = the number of pounds I have lost this week!!

I am so excited!! I just wish my scale knew how to round up to 3!

I worked hard to lose that weight this week.  I stayed well within my WW points, and barely used my weekly points.  I am beyond happy with the results.  I feel good, and this is my motivation to work hard again this week.

Some people think that 1 pound, 2 pounds... is not much.  I HATE THAT!!  I used to be one of those people.

Now, I'm not one to say... "Oh... I only lost one pound this week".  Especially after watching this video.

Watch away!

Keep Smiling!!

-Karla =)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Schedule Change

Now that I am finishing up my second bachelor's degree.. things have been getting crazy with my internship at a local elementary school.  I teach in a fifth grade class and there are 26 students.  It is very overwhelming and a bit stressful.  I find less and less time to workout.  At least I am able to stay on track with my WW points.

My fiancee, Scott, is the most supportive guy ever.  He even will sometimes make my lunch for me and let me know how many points it is.  It's fantastic!!  My days are much longer now that I have an internship from 8:30-4 and then work from 4-6:30.  It's nice that Scott will make dinners sometimes too when I am busy lesson-planning.  Oh how I love him.  :-)

In wedding news, Scott and I met with our DJ and discussed songs for our wedding. We filled out a questionnaire about different things that we want (music-wise) at our wedding.  It's exciting, looking at the list of songs, and picking out what we would like to hear at our wedding in about 5 months.  Next stop-- florist.

This is such a short post, but not much is going on in my life at the moment.. besides not having as much time as I would like to do the things that I!

But at least I can....
Keep Smiling,

Karla =)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sloooow Saturdays =)

Today is Saturday, which means I have the morning all to myself.  I love my fiancee more than anything, but my mornings alone are the best.  I sleep in, and take things slow.  I love not having to get ready for work, or get ready for anything for that matter.

So far, 2 loads of laundry are done, and 2 more are on their way.  I organized all the groceries we bought last night, and cleaned up the house.  I swiffered the kitchen and dining room floors and vacuuming is next.  All there is left to do now is go to Zumba class, get my caterpillar eyebrows waxed finalllly, and then start packing!

Scott and I are taking a very very mini overnight vacation to my parents house while they are away.  It's weird how excited we are.  But, it's nice to get away for a night and relax.  We might go out to dinner tomorrow night after my Sunday weigh-in.  The Cheesecake Factory just opened up in my parent's area and we haven't been since my birthday in August.  We love it there, and they have weight-friendly meals so that I can save my points for the cheesecake!

I will also be shopping for some professional clothing for my upcoming semester of student teaching, so I can finally graduate with my second degree and finally be a full time elementary education teacher!!  I start on January 23rd.  I am beyond excited, but also very nervous.  I'm also nervous to shop for clothes, because I know I'm not the size that I once was when I first lost the weight.  I don't know, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.  Who knows.

I've been taking a Zumba class, and I have been doing it for 2 weeks now.  I love it!  It's exhilarating and fun and, when I'm not able to go to class, I throw in the Zumba game for Wii that I got for Christmas and play.  I have so much energy, and I sleep better at night.  My muscles are tighter, and I just feel lighter.  It's an awesome feeling.  Once I got past the initial embarrassment of not knowing what the heck I was doing, the class was so much fun.  =)

In wedding news, Scott and I are going to church this Sunday. It's awesome to go to church and think that in just a few short months, we will be getting married there.  We have an appointment to meet with the minister on Tuesday.  He wants to meet with us 3 times, to get to know us and create a wedding ceremony that is specifically designed for us.  I'm nervous and excited.  More on that later!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy it! Because, before you know it, it's Monday morning!

Keep Smiling,

Karla =)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Hump Day.

I'm celebrating tonight.  Celebrating getting through half of this week.  It's been hectic and stressful at work.  I was ready for the weekend at 9am on Monday morning.  Now, there are just 2 days left until my weekend.

It's funny.. when I think about it..  We always want the work week to fly by... and then come the weekend, we want time to slow down to almost a dead stop.  We want to stop to relax, breathe, capture moments that we may not have been able to capture had we been at work.  Working with kids, I get to capture unbelievable moments that their parents miss.  I get to see first steps, first time going "potty", and first time on the monkey bars without adult help.  I'm 23 and I have 8 children.  All between the ages of 2 and 3 years old.  I have about 100 other children as well, that I get to see from time to time during my day.  How lucky I am.

Man...  I love what I do.

Though I do love my weekends.  The time I get to spend alone.  Me time.  I love being able to send my kids home, with their parents.  I especially get "me" time on Saturdays.  Scott has work all day.  It's nice to be able to get things done, go for a walk, not put makeup on, write, breath, and stay in my PJs all afternoon.  I love that.

One of these Saturdays, I want to get the courage to go to the train station, and board a train.  A train heading to one place and one place only... New York City, of course.

I want to go there and walk through Central Park with my ear buds in.  I want to go without a big bulky purse... without a map... without a camera... you know, the usual touristy stuff.  I just want to go there, and be me... a part of the city... a part of it's people... and just pretend for five seconds that I live there.  And that I'm this famous Radio City Rockette, whose season has just ended.  And I'm just working on my fitness in Central Park.  =)


But, I may do that one day.

I want to be more spontaneous... it's one of my New Years Resolutions.  Can't get more spontaneous than that.

On another note...  here is something that makes me smile.  I love this poem.  It just makes me smile when I listen to it.  Especially when I'm alone on nights like tonight... (Scott's guys night out) and none of my friends are able to come over for Wine Wednesdays!

I love this video..  Check it out..  I guarantee you'll smile.  How To Be Alone =)

Keep Smiling (it's good for you!),

Karla =)

P.S. I chose the song I'll be walking down the aisle to at my wedding.  I'll share next time.  =)  =)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hearts, Stars, and .. Seating Charts!

Who knew that trying to construct a seating chart for a wedding would be so mind boggling.  I'm so lucky to have such a trooper of a fiancee, because he has the patience of a saint.  This past Saturday, I decided to drive to my parents house and work on the seating arrangements for the big day.  Lets just say, we never really finished it.  It's tough!  Especially with divorced families and certain family members or friends who hate one another.

I came home from my parents feeling a little defeated, but Scott came home from work and said he would help me out.  He shocked me.  With his help, we seated the 143 guests in under a half hour!!  It was like magic!!  It all works so perfectly... it made me wonder why I wasn't able to figure it out in the first place.

So now that the seating is all done, we will be writing out our own place cards soon.  Then it's time to order invitations and get those all set to go.  I also have a date for the boys to go and get fitted for their suits.

I tried my gown on again when I got to my parents house.  I showed my Dad and brother for the first time, and my Dad and I picked out a song that we will dance to together at the reception.  It's perfect.  =)

It was also nice to feel that the dress is LOOSER on me.  YAY.

I lost 1.5lbs this past week.  My weigh-in days are Sundays.  So yesterday morning was great.  Every Sunday morning when I drag myself out of bed, and hop on the scale... any number lower than the week before is like seeing a bunch of presents from Santa under my tree.  It sends a rush through my body and somehow makes all my effort more worth it.  It's sad that I rely on numbers like that isn't it?

Although, no matter loss or gain... all that truly matters to me in the end is how I feel inside.  And, right now... I feel pretty great..  =)

Keep Smiling,

Karla =)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I've been composing this post in my head for a very long time.  I'm sure I have a ton of excuses I could think of.  I haven't written since October!!  Instead of getting into why I've not written, I'll just give ya'll an update.. those who still read anyway!!  Thanks Lisa, that comment you left got my butt into gear!  I really do enjoy blogging... but life has gotten in the way!

I'm finishing up some school things and doing a lot of teaching.  My life is kids... all day every day.  I laugh when people ask me when Scott and I are going to start trying... HAHA..  For now, I have enough kids.  Yeah, none of them are my own, but it's very nice to spend the day with them and then send them home at night!  Who knows, I'm sure down the road, I'll have one of my own.  Just... not yet!

As far as my wedding goes.. things are really fitting into place and Scott and I are getting so excited.  We have such great family and friends that are supporting and helping us with so much.  I have a gorgeous dress, and my beautiful bridesmaids have their dresses.  The guys are all set as well.  They're easy.  My whole wedding party looks great.  Now I just have to make sure that I look great, and feel comfortable in my own skin, like I did when I first lost weight with Weight Watchers.

As many of you know, I'm back on the program, have been for a while.  I've lost about 14lbs... and then slipped over Christmas and gained 5 back.  UH.  I also probably would have lost more than 14 if I had tracked more.

As soon as the clock struck midnight on New Years, some kind of spark went off inside me.  It finally has hit me that my wedding is in about 5 months.  I have been tracking like a mad woman this week.  Scott bought me a Zumba game for our Wii for Christmas.  I've played that EVERYDAY!  I LOVE IT! It tells you how many calories you've burned after playing.  I played for 45 minutes today and burned 616!!  Love the feeling I get afterward.  It's a reward like no other.

I picked up my gown on New Years Day.  It's now hanging out at my parents house.  I love putting it on.  It's perfect.  Every time I'm in it, I never want to take it off.  What better motivation to track my points than that!

My Mom and I are getting together this Saturday to go over seating at the reception and we'll be doing favors.  More on that in another post.  I've become obsessed with the website, Pinterest.  If you are not familiar with that site yet, make yourself familiar!!  It's crazy awesome... and then you'll be obsessed with it, like I am.   =)   I have found a lot of things on that site that I want to use in my wedding.

In sad news.. a few weeks ago, I made the very hard decision to take a year off of dancing.  Since I have moved in with my fiance, I am now 50 minutes away from my dance school.  It was a lot of driving for me, and it turned me into a crank pot!  I am too connected to my dance family to go and find another school closer to me, so I've decided to take a break for this season, and join again in September 2012, after the wedding and after I graduate college with my second bachelor's degree.  That way, the craziness will be over, and I'll be able to have a more level head for dance.

Ughhh.. I hate talking about that.  I love dance.  I hate leaving.  I keep telling myself it's just a break, but that doesn't help much.  Thank god for dance DVDs and games on the Wii!!  I'd go nuts without dance in my life!

So there ya go.  A little update on me.

Here's a photo of Scott and I from New Years Eve.

It was our anniversary.  Two years.  <3

Keep Smiling!

-Karla  =)