Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Overview!

I'm back to following the WW plan after a long weekend of going way beyond my daily points.  Let's see... on Friday, there were cupcakes for my birthday at work.  Luckily they were all eaten before I could have one!  I was happy about that!  They went fast!  That night was cake at my parents house... it was nice to see them and my other family.

Saturday, Scott woke me up and said that we were going to the beach for my birthday.  So, as soon as I got my suit on, the sun decided to go away.  He mentioned the Cheesecake Factory as a Plan B and so I enjoyed a nice meal there with him.  He told the waitress it was my birthday and she gave us a slice of cheesecake with Happy Birthday written on the plate in chocolate syrup and sprinkles... luckily she spared me the embarrassment of being sung to by a million other Cheesecake Factory employees.  =)

After lunch, we took a stroll down to Charming Charlie's.  It's a rather new jewelry shop in CT.  It's all the talk at my job and ever since my first time there, I have wanted to go back.  Scott bought me a few things there and then we went home.  A few of my friends came over to see our new place and to wish me a happy birthday and then we were back out again to celebrate at night.

Sunday, I spent half the day finishing all the unpacking and organizing and when Scott came home from work, we had a party with his side of the family.  By this time... I had had SO MUCH CAKE.

Then Sunday night, by parents saw our place for the first time and we made dinner for them.  It was great!  I love when they come up to visit.  =)

Now what is in my fridge?  Leftovers.  Not just any leftovers either....



Scott and I meet with a photographer tomorrow night!  So maybe I'll actually post my first blog post about actual wedding planning...aka... what this blog is supposed to be all about!!


-Karla  =)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ok... so that took longer than I had hoped!

I'm on my way to my parents house but I thought I'd squeeze in a quick update.


+ Moving went well!  Scott and I are glad to be in our new home!!
+ We had SO much help.  =)
+ We love it here!  Everything has gone smoothly so far!
+ This week, though hectic, has been lovely..  =)


- This move was even more crazy than I thought it was going to be.
- I wasn't prepared for it!!
- There are still little piles of stuff that needs to be put away.
- We have downsized so it's been difficult to fit all our stuff in this smaller (yet still large) apartment.
- My parents are coming up Sunday to look at the new place and I am not ready yet!!

Anywho-  I got as much done as I could.

Tomorrow is my birthday!  So, I will be taking a break from unpacking, putting things in new homes, and organizing.  I usually have tons of plans for my birthday but this year has been different.  With the chaos of the new apartment, I have not even thought about my birthday.  It's funny that what once meant so much now means so little.

I would just love a nice relaxing day.  =)

Everyone enjoy your weekend, and I'll be back on Monday!

Remember to,

-Karla =)