Thursday, July 21, 2011


That is how many years my parents have been married for today.

What an achievement to be married to someone for that long.  Both sets of my grandparents have been married for well over 50 years, and the same goes for Scott's sets of grandparents.

I used to think anniversaries were just a day that Mom and Dad would spend together.  Grandma and Grandpa would come over to babysit my brother and I while they went out to dinner.  I used to think it was just an excuse to get together with the whole family and have cake.

Wow, have my views changed.

An anniversary is a milestone.  An anniversary marks another year that you have shared love with a person, gone through hard times with a person, gotten stronger with a person.  I hope to never become a divorce statistic.  Divorce seems so mainstream now.  I am such a firm believer that marriage is something to be taken seriously.  It is something that one must work at.  Of course, if it's just not working, a divorce may be the best option.  I'm only saying, it seems like it's the "easy way out".

I hope to make it to 32 years.  I'm not even married yet and I know that it takes such love, strength, patience, and hard work.  I am ready for this challenge.

Congratulations to my parents!


-Karla  =)

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