Monday, January 9, 2012

Hearts, Stars, and .. Seating Charts!

Who knew that trying to construct a seating chart for a wedding would be so mind boggling.  I'm so lucky to have such a trooper of a fiancee, because he has the patience of a saint.  This past Saturday, I decided to drive to my parents house and work on the seating arrangements for the big day.  Lets just say, we never really finished it.  It's tough!  Especially with divorced families and certain family members or friends who hate one another.

I came home from my parents feeling a little defeated, but Scott came home from work and said he would help me out.  He shocked me.  With his help, we seated the 143 guests in under a half hour!!  It was like magic!!  It all works so perfectly... it made me wonder why I wasn't able to figure it out in the first place.

So now that the seating is all done, we will be writing out our own place cards soon.  Then it's time to order invitations and get those all set to go.  I also have a date for the boys to go and get fitted for their suits.

I tried my gown on again when I got to my parents house.  I showed my Dad and brother for the first time, and my Dad and I picked out a song that we will dance to together at the reception.  It's perfect.  =)

It was also nice to feel that the dress is LOOSER on me.  YAY.

I lost 1.5lbs this past week.  My weigh-in days are Sundays.  So yesterday morning was great.  Every Sunday morning when I drag myself out of bed, and hop on the scale... any number lower than the week before is like seeing a bunch of presents from Santa under my tree.  It sends a rush through my body and somehow makes all my effort more worth it.  It's sad that I rely on numbers like that isn't it?

Although, no matter loss or gain... all that truly matters to me in the end is how I feel inside.  And, right now... I feel pretty great..  =)

Keep Smiling,

Karla =)

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