Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's been difficult to remain faithful to this blog.  Sigh.

It's been a difficult month, but I will say, I've been smiling through it all.

I have an amazing fiancee who supports me, holds me, gets me through the tough stuff, and reminds me to smile every single day.

The move was, tough.  It took a lot out of me!  More so than I planned.  It threw my wedding planning off a lot.  It's been difficult to get into the flow of our new rent and getting things squared away financially for the wedding.

Before I knew it, it was back to school, and adjusting to a hectic school and work schedule.  I feel like I'm never home, and when I am home... it's to do laundry, cleaning, dishes, cooking, homework... and blogging comes last!  Such is life.

Then a few weeks ago, I find out that a family member of mine is sick.  Real sick.  I will be visiting him in the hospital on Friday.  I'm nervous.  He is on the mend... but for awhile, we were all unsure if he would make it.  I'm praying, everyday.  And trying to smile.

In better news, I found a photographer for the wedding!  Scott and I love him.  He's so awesome and I feel like he's a perfect match for us.

I have yet to really try on dresses.  Yike..

Soon!  I'm hoping late September, early October.  I'm not a real picky person and I have high hopes of finding a dress on the first try, so I am not too concerned about running out of time.

As far as weight loss goes... I did lose quite a bit when I first started WW in July and I've gained some, not all, of it back.  It makes me want to scream!!  But, this happens, and has happened before.  My weight always fluctuates...  It's not the number that matters to me, but how I feel.  I feel alright, but I want to feel gorgeous on my wedding day.

I will get there.

Dance started up again.  I'm SO happy about it!!

As Mrs. Lathrop would say,

Keep Smiling!

-Karla  =)

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