Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm about to have TONS of lemonade!

WAY too many lemons in my life at the moment.

- my car is in the shop
- it was pretty expensive to fix it
- weddings are VERY VERY expensive, which I find out more and more as I complete more and more of my planning..
- bills seem to be larger than income!  AH!
- work made me mad the other day..
- I'm sick.
- I have a lot of homework.
- A LOT.

With that said, at least I'm alive and .. sort of well, health wise. AND, I'm about to have me a HUGE, COLD, REFRESHING glass of lemonade with all of these lemons I've been carrying around lately.

Once I feel better, I hope to have a nice weekend, including... meeting with my wedding coordinator, going to dance class, going to several birthday parties.. one of them being for my gorgeous Bridesmaid, Marisa!! Happy Birthday, love!  =)

I also intend to go to the Durham Fair.  I can't wait to see how Scott and I placed with our photos.  We look forward to it every year.  We never made it to the judging, so we will be surprised!  I hope I feel well enough to enjoy all the delicious fair food.  Mmmm..  Nice weekend splurge...  but that it's back to the grind!

Speaking of that.. things are well... 2 pounds lost already this week!

Keep Smiling,

Karla =)

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